Mixed Berry-Banana Protein Smoothie

Usually, for breakfast, I like to have either oatmeal with fruit, or eggs with toast and fruit. But on the days when I’m in a rush or want something cool and refreshing, then I have this protein smoothie. It keeps me filled for at least two to three hours, and has plenty of fiber and protein. Since this smoothie is very well-balanced nutritionally, and has everything that you would need to replenish your body after a good workout, it can also be perfect as an after-workout snack. 

I had tried other combinations of breakfast smoothies before, but they could not keep me filled for very long. I came across this recipe on Dr. Oz’s website and tried it, and it worked out really well for me. Feel free to change any ingredient that you want considering your own tastes and give it a shot!




Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze: 1 cup


Frozen/Fresh mixed berries: ½ cup or any other fruit of your choice like mango etc.

Banana: ½

Protein powder (your choice): 1 scoop

Ground Flax: 2 T

Mixed berry banana protein smoothie-1



  • Add the milk/almond breeze to the blender.

Mixed berry banana protein smoothie-2

  • Then add the berries and banana. Blend till no big pieces left.
  • Add the protein powder and pulse for a few seconds.

Mixed berry banana protein smoothie-3

  • At the end add ground flax and blend till everything is well blended. Add a tablespoon of water or ice if you think it’s too thick.

blog pics-13

Mixed berry banana protein smoothie-5

  • Enjoy!


Nutritional Content:

 Serving Size: 1

 Per Serving: Calories 385 cal, Fat 20.5 g, Carbs 38 g, Fiber 18.2 g, Sugar 15.5 g, Protein 29.6 g, Vit A 12%, Vit C 33.5%, Calcium 56.5%, Iron 28%

3 thoughts on “Mixed Berry-Banana Protein Smoothie

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