About Me

Hello, I’m Manpreet. I grew up in New Delhi, India. Since my dad had some health issues, my mother would always try to cook healthy food. Even in the 70’s and 80’s, she used oil rather than butter, something that was unheard of back then! Still, we had special go-to places for quite a few of our favorite dishes since my dad was a total foodie :). I owe my passion in food and in health to both my parents.

In the 1990’s I got married & moved to the USA. At that time, there were very few Indian restaurants or grocery stores. Both I & my husband are originally from the same town, so we both craved the same favorite foods quite a bit. Unfortunately, cooking is not something my husband enjoys, and even though I had done my Bachelor’s in Food & Nutrition, I was not used to cooking on a daily basis. I used to be the person who would cook once a month and would leave the kitchen a total mess afterwards! But since I was not left with much choice, I started experimenting with food with full gusto. It was very exciting to be exposed to a variety of cuisines here and to have a multitude of ingredients so readily available in the grocery stores. It became the norm to come home with at least one new ingredient every week after shopping for groceries. That’s how my journey began in the realm of experimenting with food.

Fast forward 20 years: I am now a mother to two wonderful teenage girls. This journey has been full of many wonderful learning experiences. My philosophy over the years has been to try different kinds of foods and to try to modify their unhealthy versions into healthier versions. I adapted certain dishes to enhance their nutritional content without sacrificing their taste. For those foods that are just inherently unhealthy, my philosophy is that it is important to eat things in moderation, since denying foods doesn’t work well for me :).

Keep in mind – there is no magic food or nutrient that guarantees improved health. What matters more is that one consistently makes great dietary choices as part of an overall healthy lifestyle which includes working out and having fun! I’m a multitasker 🙂 so how could that not flow into my cooking style. I try to make sure that majority of my recipes have ingredients that multitask. For example I have created recipes with ingredients like Flax, Quinoa, Oats etc. which not only have heart health benefits but also digestive & anti inflammatory. They bump up the nutritional profile of an otherwise regular simple dish. Just by adding flax to oatmeal for example the benefits now also include Omega 3’s and protein, along with fiber. Making it a more complete meal.

Apart from cooking I enjoy working out, travelling and spending time with friends & family! I hope you enjoy reading my blog and join me on this journey of Eating Well and Feeling Good….






Disclaimer: This blog is strictly for informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice. Please consult your physician or registered dietitian for recommendations tailored to your specific needs.