Dates and Nuts Energy Bites

Sometimes during the day, you  just need a small quick pick-me-up. These 5-ingredient, no-bake, tiny energy bites fill that spot perfectly. They can be eaten pre or post workout, work really well on hikes or picnics as energy bites, or as even as a dessert. There is no added sugar, no added fat or anything artificial! My kids and husband love to take them to school/the office as often as they can, and I love that there aren’t any preservatives. The bottom line is that they are easy to make, healthy, delicious and perfect for almost any occasion 🙂 


Pitted Dates – 1 cup tightly packed

Dates and Nuts energy bites-3

Desiccated/Powdered unsweetened coconut – 1/8 cup

Dates and Nuts energy bites-17

Ground Flax – 2 T

Chia seeds – 1/8 cup

Unsalted Pistachios – ¼ cup (shelled)

Dates and Nuts energy bites-4

Desiccated/Powdered unsweetened coconut – 2 T for coating



  • Make sure you choose some nice plump, soft pitted dates.
  • Add the pistachios; coconut and flax to the food processor first, give a few pulses.
  • Add the dates then. Pulse till it becomes a fine crumbly mixture.
  • Add chia seeds at end and pulse for once or twice to incorporate it well into the mixture.

Dates and Nuts energy bites-6


Dates and Nuts energy bites-7

  • Scrape out the mixture into a bowl.
  • Wet your hands with water and knead it with your hands till sticky. To the point that if you make a clump of it with your fist it won’t crumble.

Dates and Nuts energy bites-8

  • Make small approx. 1” balls and keep on a tray/plate. OR you can make 2 logs of the entire mixture.
  • Put the 2 T powdered coconut that is left in a shallow bowl. Roll these balls/logs in that powdered coconut.

Dates and Nuts energy bites-13

  • Keep them in fridge for ½ hour to set. If you made logs, then after they have chilled in the fridge, you can cut slices.

Dates and Nuts energy bites-12


Dates and Nuts energy bites-16

  •  The 5 ingredient, no bake energy bites are ready to eat! Enjoy!


Nutritional Content:

Total Servings: 12

Per Serving: Calories 79 cal, Fat 3.1 g, Carbs 13.4 g, Fiber 2.6 g, Sugar 7.2 g, Protein 1.8 g


This recipe has been submitted in the Treat Petite challenge.


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