Healthy Popcorn Balls

As soon as fall comes, there are some snacks that are synonymous with it. Popcorn balls are one those snacks. The ones readily available in the stores are either made with melted marshmallows or with corn syrup, with candy inside. Not exactly a picture of healthy foods! So here is my version of the popcorn balls using dates and honey. The version I have here today in front of you doesn’t have any nuts. But please feel free to chop up some almonds or cashews and add to the mix. They are a fantastic healthy vegan snack to pack in a lunch box for a midday snack or an evening snack or even super fabulous dessert!

Rather than being an extremely sweet, unhealthy snack; these snacks turn out to be very healthy and super simple to make! In a previous post I had explained why I prefer not to use the super convenient microwave popcorn. In fact in my blog post EZ Breezy Popcorn, I had gone over the various flavor combinations of popcorn you can make just by air popping the kernels yourself at home within minutes!


Recently I came across this Infographic (shared below) at that does an amazing job of explaining the origins of popcorn, its benefits and what kind of popcorn is considered best! Check out this infographic for yourself here!


Today’s recipe is super simple to make. Once you have the popcorn ready, just add the pinch of salt, minced dates and honey. Now this mix does require some “mushing” together 🙂 So it’s best to get the kids involved and let them help you make their snacks! This recipe doesn’t contain any nuts or nut butters, keeping it allergen free. But if there is no allergy then absolutely feel free to add some chopped up nuts, nut butter etc. to these popcorn balls and turn them into tiny energy bites!

Hope you all will also enjoy making and eating them as much as we did 🙂 


Organic Popcorn – 3 cups popped

Dates (pitted) – 1/3 cup

Honey – ¼ cup

Salt — pinch


  • In order to get about 3 cups of popcorn, I popped slightly more than 1/8 cup of popcorn kernels.
  • Make sure you remove any un-popped kernels from the popcorn.
  • Then either mince the dates by knife or in the food processor.
  • Add the dates and salt to the popcorn, then drizzle the honey on the popcorn.
  • Then using a spatula mix everything really well for 5 minutes or more. Even “smoosh” the popcorn a bit to help it stick together.
  • Now I just use my hands to make 1 ½” – 2” balls. After making 2-3 popcorn balls, I would wash my hands to remove the stickiness.
  • You can store in fridge or outside. Enjoy!



Nutritional Content:

Serving Size: 1 ball

Servings: 9 balls

Per Serving: 61 cal, Fat .7 g, Carbs 13.9 g, Fiber 0.9 g, Sugar 11 g, Protein 0.4 g, Iron 1.7%

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